Wednesday, January 10, 2007

very important to get for the pooch...

several weekends ago we drove down to Amelia Island in the late afternoon and it was a gorgeous evening. what a quaint little town filled with enticing shops and little bistros. we went to a little hole-in-the-wall where i shockingly ordered a hamburger which was delicious with organic greens. we also ordered the brie filled with walnuts and honey and baked along with wonderful bread. J decided on the grouper sandwich since he usually gets this at the club house and his looked fantastic. wonderfully fresh food, delicious conversation and a stroll at night as we poked our heads into shops was very enjoyable. i found this very cute Dog Owner's Maintenance log which i thought so appropriate for our new pooch! they also had a Dog Owner's Manual which was hilarious to look at. for example it gave a four sequence set of pictures to show how to put your dog's leash on. the graphics are what drew me to the book. who cares if i "need" a maintenance log! i'm a sucker for anything that looks aesthetically pleasing!

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