Friday, January 7, 2011

Otis Hamilton Laney...then & now

do i dare post something on my very neglected blog which i have not looked at in months?! and to think that our little O is six months old as of yesterday! at this late hour my brain is full of information i have read in wonderful books while J is sleeping beside me. i'm still the night owl in our family yet my hours of sleep are so much more valuable now that little O is here. which reminds me i need to get to bed. yet what a wonderful baby he has been and am i allowed to say he is an easy baby? and that the only time he really cries is when he is hungry or tired or perhaps overstimulated? we truly have been blessed! and for those who are interested, our little pooch Pabu has been a wonderful big brother to little O. and with that, pictures of the newest member of our emerging family.