Thursday, January 18, 2007

i traveled to India this week...

looking at old pictures of my trip to India and Nepal brought back many memories. one of the first phrases i hear in my head when i think of India is, "excuse me miss..." which i always ignored. i did one time give in to this phrase when i heard it from a young sweet looking boy on a rickshaw. before i knew it we were heading down a crowded passageway as he told me his story of learning to paint. we stopped suddenly at a small shop and a man comes out stating he is 'Deepak's' boss and he is excited to show me the young boys art work. as he is raving about the natural talent of this young boy i am thinking of a way to escape. and no, i did not buy Deepak's art work. : )
last week J received one of his text books from Delhi. how strange is that? what a surprise to receive a thick package from overseas with postage from India.

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viki said...

i read your blog. you have good pictures.
by the way,what is thick package??