Monday, January 15, 2007

God Grew Tired of Us...

the movie industry in america seems to turn out movies each year that are not satisfying. we rarely rent movies because of such a poor selection of quality films. winning the grand jury prize and the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006, the film, 'God Grew Tired of Us' explores the journey of three young men from Sudan who were part of the lost boys. the film documents their passage to america from Kenya and their new lives in a country that is so different from their own. it's exciting to see how one of the men in the film has used his experience to help his own community in sudan. this documentary looks like a must-see film!
i am reminded of the many sudanese refugees i saw in Egypt when i lived there. in 2005 i recall hearing about a refugee sit-in located in a park in Mohandeseen where they were physically forced to leave . what a terrible event. there were a lot of negative feelings naturally towards the Sudanese from Egyptians. i am glad to see there is more of a focus lately on what is happening in sudan and a film can reach many people.

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