Tuesday, January 16, 2007


i got this recipe book years ago and it has done it's share of sitting on the shelf. i dusted it off tonight and made 'mushroom-and spinach-stuffed zucchini' which turned out delicious. for those who like a hardy carnivorous meal, you might not be satisfied. : ) the Moosewood Restaurant http://www.moosewoodrestaurant.com/ has been around since 1973 in Ithaca, New York and creates natural health foods that are always scrumptious. i know A would appreciate the dish i made since she loves fresh veggies and has such a wonderful access to them at the large farmers market in Prague. i'm sure she could find superb portabella mushrooms that the recipe calls for. i remember zooming along the country road back to Prague from our jaunt to Poland to pick up polish pottery. all along the road the locals were selling fresh mushrooms, honey and jams fresh from their homes. so check out Moosewood and try out their easy and delicious recipes.

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