Wednesday, January 24, 2007

one time tonight...!

waking up 4 times in one night to take Pabu to the bathroom was fine the first night. he is now waking up less and so i am in a deeper sleep, thus making me feel as though i am sleep walking as i take him outside to do his business. i'm finding myself having very active and completely wild dreams. last night one of my wild dreams took place in Bolivia during new years. somehow mom and dad with S were there and were at a full moon rave party dancing with locals. then A and i show up and we're all surprised and happy we somehow managed to all be together on new years eve which hasn't happened since we were in high school. the second part to my dream was A and i trying to set up our tent in the back yard of some random persons mud house during a revolution in Bolivia. could it get any wilder or exciting?! tonight Pabu slept for 6 hours straight! he and J fell asleep on the couch together before we put him to bed. they both fell asleep so fast and a loud thump couldn't have woken the two of them up.

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