Thursday, January 11, 2007

chicken tagine with lemon and olives

anyone who knows me well can quickly agree that i love salty foods. j is very healthy in what he eats although he has surprised me in a few foods that do not fall into the "healthy" category. he has gotten me into eating tatter tots which i always thought were incredibly gross. he does have a knack for making them crispy all around. definitely not like the kind we all saw on Napoleon Dynamite. another item we eat from time to time is SPAM. i know, another one of those incredibly gross sounding foods but again J knows just how to cook SPAM. i'm not much of a cook but i do love looking at recipe books with pictures and cooking magazines are the best. but please don't ask me to cook anything from them. i'm just a browser of recipes, not a cook. i did though try out the recipe from Cooking Light which was the chicken tagine. the turmeric gave it a wonderful color and the fresh grated lemon rind gave it a nice zing. throw on some cilantro at the end and it is an incredibly easy recipe. something even i can deal with in my lazy cooking style.

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