Tuesday, December 2, 2008

soon-to-be groomed!

i finally found a mobile dog groomer that i am hoping will work for pabu. in fact, they are going to come out to newberg tomorrow although i believe he is from the beaverton area. we have not had much success in finding a good groomer for pabu until several months before leaving GA, which was a mobile dog groomer. i have even thought of just learning how to groom pabu since we will be moving around so much and each time we move we'll have to find a good groomer, which is very hard to come by. i'll post pictures tomorrow to show the end results of our presently very shaggy 'beast!'and yes, i do dress my dog up in clothes despite the fact that they are totally unnecessary! here he is in his new winter pajamas.


Patti said...

the first time I show the Pabu's photo, I thought Pabu was hanging on a ledge but after a careful look, he was not at all in a dangerous position, haha. He was by the stairs (am I right?) If I have a dog, I will do the same clothing him/her specially during the winter season.

Bolivian Boomie said...

yes patti, he's on the stairs and safe! :)

nancy said...

Hi Debbie, Love your blog. Much more advanced than me, but I will keep at it. The pictures are great. nsl