Monday, December 1, 2008

kate spade...

i will have to say that i have never been one to plop any amount of money down for a handbag, especially since i rarely use them. i like to think i use satchels and not a 'purse' as for some reason i don't like that word! so while J and i were in orlando this fall we stopped by the Kate Spade store and i found the bag i have always wanted! thankfully i have a husband who always encourages me to spend money freely as i can be quite conservative sometimes. i absolutely love the bag and it is simple yet classy. another brand which came out with some great designs about a year ago was the Tokidoki LeSportSac. i got a little make-up bag that fits right into my satchel and has a great funky design. unfortunately i think they are quite hard to come by now.

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