Saturday, December 27, 2008

RainSource of Newberg & Oregon Rain...

looking at the newspaper this weekend, the five day weather forecast describes various forms of rain that will be falling this week. only in oregon can we describe 'rain' in a variety of ways. showers, sprinkles, light showers, drizzle, rain, rain, and more rain! on another note related to rain, i found an interesting article about a man in newberg oregon who decided he would bottle rain and sell it. he had moved from california to the willamette valley and wanted to make all of the rain in oregon that falls 'a good thing.' it seems as though the rain water tastes quite good and is filtered and treated before bottling. yet it is unusually clean before it is treated so the tests for contaminants don't pick up anything. the company now has contracts with Burgerville, Fred Meyer, and Made in Oregon, who is trying to introduce the product into the Japanese market. and to think that this started here in my home town. i'll have to go out and get a bottle of this special water!

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