Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pabu!

i completely forgot to add Pabu to the birthday list for the 24th of november! so i'll post it late and squeeze it in here. we got Pabu a little less than two years ago and we found out he was born on the same day as J's birthday. he's been a wonderful addition to our family and has brought a lot of happiness to many people. we could not have asked for a more loving dog than him. dogs lead life one day at a time and very little will truly bother them, as long as we give them love. as he sleeps beside me now as i type i am sure all he is thinking about is snuggling. he is not worrying about the next time i take him outside to do his business on the wet and cold grass, or when i'll dress him in absurd clothes or when i will not give him more treats than his belly should take! happy birthday Pabu!

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