Friday, November 28, 2008

advent calendar

we usually had an advent calendar in our home during the month of december when i was a child. usually it would have pieces of chocolate or candy inside the punch out windows. candy was not something we ate a lot of growing up thus having candy after dinner was a treat. one thing we used each christmas though was our candy ribbons which were made by a family friend. they were made out of felt and had 25 ribbons on the chain of felt where an individual piece of candy could be tied on. each year we eagerly anticipated our candy ribbons as my mom would surprise us with the various kinds of candy on it. in college mom would even send our candy ribbons to us with candy on them. it was only after many years that i told her i did not like grape candy of any sort. i think finally after all these years she has an idea of what candy i like and do not like!

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