Friday, January 2, 2009


because of limited schedules and my parents incredibly busy schedule we had wanted to set aside some 'quality' family time before they leave to paraguay. we decided to have brunch, watch a movie, play games and eat pizza, all in one day. rarely does our whole family get to spend time together so today was the day. our brunch menu included popovers, which has been a family tradition for many years. growing up in the high altitude city of La Paz at over 12,000 feet elevation, there were certain things we could not bake due to the altitude. popovers were one of the baked goods we could not make thus when we vacationed on the peruvian coast in the summers my mom would make popovers. they are quite easy to make as they only contain flour, salt, milk, eggs and butter. the trick is to mix the batter just right to create lovely puffs as well as using room temperature eggs and milk. they are best with lots of butter and honey!

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