Tuesday, January 27, 2009

in amman

after spending a wonderful week with J in Dubai i headed today to Amman, Jordan. i feel as though i am coming down with a cold so am trying to take it easy. whatever that means! so am heading to petra tomorrow by bus. should be amazing! the hustle and bustle of amman is loud, as i am staying downtown. reminds me a bit of cairo except with hills! next stop, Petra!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!! Great to hear you are well. Don't forget your vitamins, PLENTY of h2o and sleep. I can not wait to see pictures of Petra. WOW. It reminds me a bit of southern parts of Kashgar and small parts of Turkey. Lovve you much Tye!!!! :-)

N said...

very nice.. hope you stay well, better take your sis' advice.. and take some dried salmon for the road. i'm jealous! have fun in Petra!!