Monday, September 17, 2007

born into brothels

recently we watched Born into Brothels, a more than touching film about a british-born photographer who immersed herself in the lives of children from the red light district of Sonagachi in Calcutta. moving to say the least, she equips the children with cameras as she teaches them the art of photography in the impoverished neighborhood they live in. what becomes remarkable is how with the camera in their hands, they gain a new vigor for life as they photograph their surroundings. what they photograph ultimately becomes the story of their life. as they gain hope through their art work they desire more and more to leave the brothels for a better life. what becomes immensely beautiful about the documentary is how their art work not only touches people all over the world but brings a type of beauty to the extreme poverty they live in where hope is hard to grasp.

a wonderful documentary and makes me want to return to india soon!

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N said...

that sounds amazing. i will check it out from the library.