Saturday, June 2, 2007

rain and more rain...

i'm sure my reader audience has not missed my absence from blogging! it has been over three months since i last wrote and a lot of changes have occurred.

today is an appropriate day for blogging since as i look out our large living room windows i see a torrential downpour. no morning run this morning. about a month ago the locals told us the mosquitoes get to the point of being insanely annoying. that time has come. upon waking up at 6 a.m. to take the pooch outside to do his business i realize it is pouring down rain and it will not let up in the next minute or two to save my messy morning hairdo. i grab the one umbrella in the house, slip into john's running shoes and my rain jacket and take the pooch out. i'm sure i looked quite hilarious because of the fact i had to jump around to keep the mosquitoes from biting my legs, as i had on shorts. plus, keep the umbrella over the pooch and keep myself dry. i came back inside with a soaking wet pooch and 20 bonus mosquito bites!
on another note, J's garden is thriving and we ate our first cherry tomatoes this week!

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